Dominate Google Search Results and Embrace the Surge in Traffic

A few years back, SEO used to crawl around keyword strategies and link building. However, with the improvements brought along with enhanced Google algorithms and the rising competition across every industry vertical, search engine optimization has gradually been realized into a set of well planned activities. These activities are carefully performed by experts to enhance the web presence of your business on search engine results. If your site is ranking on the first page of Google results, which is a promise we make, the surge in traffic and sales is natural.

Keyword Research and Analysis

A thorough research on your business and competitive analysis is performed by our experts as a first step to help us acknowledge all the aspects before the actual planning. Once the analysis is completed, we find out the potential keywords related to your business or services that people might search on search engines. All this information is then documented to drive all the activities related to search engine optimization.

On-Page Optimization

Most of the websites suffer from weak content, not in terms of grammar or structure, but in terms of search engine friendliness. Therefore, all the content on the website needs to be modified. Our in-house content writers proficiently edit your website content without hindering it away from its true essence and makes it favorable for search engines. On-Page optimization also includes the addition of relevant meta information to all the web pages, canonical tags, robots.txt management, sitemaps etc.

Content Marketing

Quality content is not only required for on-page optimization and it has a very significant role in search engine optimization on the whole. Keyword oriented content is used on third party websites catering to articles, classifieds, press releases and PDFs etc. These sites are generally having a high traffic that can indirectly be connected with your website through write-ups with backlinks. Google allows it and it is a healthy process for improving search result rankings.