Communication Design


Honeywell Voyager Poster Design

Honewell is an inventor and manufacturer of technologies that can address the toughest challenges faced by world originated by innovative macro trends in science, technology and society. We provided poster design for the marketing of two new models in Honeywell Barcode Scanner series.


Fixomull Brochure Design

Fixomull Stretch and Fixomull Transparent are medical products manufactured by BSN Medical to address acute wounds. They allow easy and secure fixation especially when large dressings are concerned. We designed brochures for both Fixomull Stretch and Fixomull Transparent.


Omron Package Design

Omron Healthcare laid its foundation with the vision of providing “healthcare @home” and has been delivering that to people ever since. The brand offers innovative medical technologies and tools to facilitate people in monitoring themselves at home itself. We provided package designs for numerous products

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