Communication Design


Honeywell Standee Designs

Honeywell develops products and technologies that are capable of looking after the hardest challenges brought to real life by innovative macro trends in science, technology and society in the evolved 21st century. We delivered standee designs to Honeywell for their cmampaign.


BARD Together Standee Designs

BARD Medical is a provider of intelligent choice for clinicians in the venous access, urology and women’s health disease states. Our team provided BARD Medical with standee designs for their ‘Together’ campaign.


WIAL Standee Designs

In 2004, Prof. Michael Marquardt along with other co-founders founded WIAL (World Institute for Action Learning) with a vision of unleashing capacity and capability for success by spawning dominant solutions to multifaceted problems through Action Learning across the globe. We provided WIAL with standee designs


Quest Diagnostics Dengue Fever Leaflet Design

With a mission to provide expert opinions to physicians and other healthcare professionals that may help them in making wise healthcare decisions, Quest Diagnostics is an esteemed provider of clinical laboratory testing, information and services. We provided the client with a leaflet design for their


Quest Diagnostics Brochure Design

Quest Diagnostics aims to assist the physicians and healthcare professionals in making wise healthcare decisions and provides superior clinical laboratory testing, information and services. The brochure of Quest Diagnostics was designed by us.

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